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Ladies Hair and Beauty Training Academy ( LHBTA)  is an all-female charity in North London providing training for adult learners. The main aim of the charity is to provide training funded by donations for the underrepresented in society. It helps ethnic minorities and people from deprived areas in London in the hair and beauty sector to gain a recognised qualification.

We are offering a back to work training for women above the age of 23 who have been out of the workforce for some time, to enable them to refresh their skills, ready to return to the industry.

We are also looking to offer learners who have completed their NVQ3 the chance to be placed on an adult kick start scheme, this will include 20 weeks of paid work at the minimum wage. The learner will be able to stretch their knowledge and grow in confidence by working with the public. The learner will also undergo careers guidance, mentoring to support and encourage them to build their entities or gain employment.

This scheme will benefit both the learner and the public who will be charged learner rates.  An English programme will also be embedded which focuses on Industry-specific language and terminologies. Currently, they have to sit through a 2-year programme ESOL which is not specific to their needs.

Most of the women who will be registering for the courses would otherwise stay at home. We are passionate about diversity and inclusion and believe that no one should be disadvantaged based on sex, age, language barriers and religion. Every woman should be allowed to contribute to society and their community.


The advantages of what we do are enormous


  • Emphasis on retraining to return to work
  • Allows them to gain confidence
  • Financial independence
  • Experience working in the hair and beauty industry
  • Gainfully join the workforce
  • Introduce working relationships to support them to become entrepreneurs and build their entities.

Further enquiries should be made to:


T: 020 8024 8833

M: 07949 238 465