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I have been in the hairdressing industry since 1979. In the early 2000s, I established Salon Hijab, to enable me to focus on the needs of the ladies wearing the head scarf. I always aimed to create a safe, warm and welcoming atmosphere, this is coupled with a commitment to helping each client leave with the look they desire. 

Salon Hijab for its uniqueness, was awarded the Gold Award from the AOC ‘Further Education Alumni’ in 2015. I was nominated by Barnet College as one of their ex-students in the category of a ‘student who had become successful in business’ 

In 2015, Salon Hijab Academy opened. The Academy has now become an established part of the business, and has helped create opportunities for countless women. 

In 2020, I decided that it was necessary to create a LHBTC ‘Ladies Hair and Beauty Training Academy’ as we found we were creating a poole of hair and beauty professionals that became stagnant. We have put together an adult kickstart programme to assist them to grow in confidence by working on live models under supervision, with careers support. 

The aim of the charity is to encourage all women in to the workforce who otherwise would be stay at home.

This programme also aims to support those women whom have taken time out of the industry for various reason and are looking to return to the work force.