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Learners will have the opportunity to work in a commercial environment, alongside the professionals. The learners will be encouraged to grow and learn to become part of a team, with the focus on building a client-base so that they may become self-sustained and form their own entities based on their specialties within the industry.

This scheme will be fully controlled by a business hub, they will be responsible for social media, building targets, continual professional development (CPD) and business support /ethics and career advice. The programme will allow them to build their own clientele.

We are passionate about diversity and inclusion. We believe in creating opportunities for women to gain technical skills in the hair and beauty field.  The enterprise is designed to create an environment for social change that will improve learners’ lives. The enterprise will create employment, assist with developing self-confidence, and provide a community for development.

The enterprise will also encourage financial independence and will be solely for training and employment opportunities for female learners. The learner will also undergo careers guidance, mentoring and support to either build their entities or gain employment. Upon completion of the program they will receive a reference of their achievement for their employability.

The enterprise shall aim to support learners whose first language is not English, and so are excluded from mainstream careers for various reasons, yet who have outstanding technical skills. Throughout their study and work program, the enterprise aims to embed English language around the industry.

      The advantages of this enterprise program include:

      • Career reference of achievement for each learner.
      • Speciality in the areas of the learners’ expertise.
      • Opportunity to become self-sustained.
      • Ability to build their own clientele.
      • Gain a 12-month freelance contractor opportunity.
      • Be supported and guided by the business hub.
      • Further development opportunities.
      • Opportunity to work in a professional environment.